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A Brighter Future Starts Here

Mental Health Support For The Unemployed

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In Employment? We have a service just for you.

Positive Futures is here to help you understand yourself better, building confidence, self esteem and self worth, all whilst helping you to learn employability skills along the way.

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Our Approach To Supporting You


A self-directed learning provision which will look to empower those who have identified that mild-moderate depression/anxiety is a barrier to them gaining employment.


Participants, who are deemed furthest away from job market because of their mental health problems, will be offered condition management and support to address their mental health and raise their aspirations in the first instance.


If this customer group is offered employability training when they initially engage with the JCP, it can have a detrimental effect upon them, their view of the employability support (JCP) and the world of work.


There is a need to offer the participant the chance to address their health barriers before they consider employability skills. This provision will provide participants with the practical tools to empower them to approach their mental health effectively.

To ensure we deliver the best support available for you, an initial assessment is carried out that helps us better understand your needs. A Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant (VRC) will support you to produce a 9-month plan complete with personalised objectives aimed at alleviating stress and providing them with mental health coping techniques that can be utilised in a range of environments.

Together We Can Help You With;

/ Sleep Problems

/ Depression

/ Motivation

/ Time Management

/ Anxiety

/ Bereavement

/ Coping With Change


/ Benefits Advice

/ Communication Skills

/ Self-Employment Advice

/ Dealing With Stress

/ Health Management

/ Achieving Goals

/ Wellbeing

/ Anger Management

/ Assertiveness

/ Signposting


Think Positive,

Positive Futures.

Each Plan is tailored to the individual, however, the the goal of becoming more employable remains the same for all participants.

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We will continue to support you by arranging regular contact through face-to-face, telephone, and digital sessions (e.g Zoom, Teams, Skype, Text, Email). We provide a number that you can contact should you need to get in touch with your VRC. 

Throughout your support period, you will continuingly review progress with your VRC. Any changes in your circumstances will be incorporated into your support which will help you visualise the positive journey.

Service Eligibility

Must be Aged 16 or Over


Must be Unemployed, and Struggling to Find Work Due To Mental Health

Employed? We have a service just for you. Read More >


Must Live In England, Scotland or Wales.