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We're Here, Just In Case...

Founded in 2016, Case-UK has grown to deliver both mental and physical health services across the UK.

Despite our growth over the years, we pride ourselves on remaining a family-run company, developing our services and providing support to further reaches of the UK.

As of 2023 we have continued to deliver the Able Futures, In-Work and Out of Work Services across areas of Wales. We also deliver the Able Futures service to the lovely residents of South West England


A majority of our staff have lived experiences of their own, many of which have (or still) suffer from health illnesses, be it physical or mental.. this means when you are supported by us, you aren't judged but, you are understood.

Tune In to Episode 1 of our Podcast, where we chat with Ian Benbow CEO of Case UK and talk through his past struggles and how he's overcome them, creating an award-winning wellbeing company in the process.

Here's To Better Days..
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