At Case-uk we support a wide range of organisations from community based groups, local authorities and private companies to investigate and establish suitable social enterprise structures.
Case-uk networks have leaders in thinking and practice within the fields of community benefit, social impact, employ ability, Social Care, organisational transformation and procurement, for these reasons, our professional consultancy services, advice and support are sought across the UK.
Our Story.....
Case-Uk Limited was established in May 2016 as a family run company with the aim of developing a network of professional groups and individuals that will establish support and development services. 
Establish and develop a supportive network of individuals, agencies and communities of interest to create sustainable social enterprises that contribute to a higher standard of living for themselves, their families and their communities
To create effective and meaningful partnership arrangements that benefit the organisations engaged while ensuring positive outcomes for the service users supported are achieved.
To Support vulnerable families and individuals to improve their skills and achieve their full potential
To ensure all work delivered is acknowledged as good quality, provides successful outcomes and continues to generate additional opportunities

Brief introduction to our staff

Ian Benbow
Managing Director 

Managing Director with responsibility for Strategy, New Business and Governance. Ian has a vast amount of experience, knowledge and skills within the Social Regeneration and Charitable agendas. Ian has worked within the 3rdsector (Charities) at a senior level reporting to the board for 15 years. More recently Ian has worked as a senior officer for 10 years within a Local Authority where he was responsible for strategy and project implementation for Adult and Families Social regeneration services

Chrissy Evans
Out of Hours
VRC (Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant)

Lead VRC for Out of Hours service. Chrissie is a very experienced counsellor across a range of subject areas including trauma and provides Case-UK Limited with the expertise and knowledge around CBT. Chrissie is bilingual and also Coordinates Case-UK Limited’s Cwtch Community Contact Centre.

Daniel Lowther
Strategic Lead Officer for Governance and Compliance

Progressed from Traineeship to apprenticeship to Strategic Lead Officer for Governance and Compliance –Daniel was the first FTE employee of Case-UK Limited in 2016 and has grown to become the backbone of the organisation. Daniel’s learning has been put into practice through the development of a Compliance infrastructure of policies and governance which has enabled Case-UK Limited to implement quality assured and outcome focused services.

Catherine Benbow
Director for Hospitality - Health and Wellbeing 

Director –Health and Wellbeing. Catherine is a qualified senior health professional within the Community Nursing service who has over 25 years’ experience of working with Care providers in undertaking all aspects of care planning and management.

Jonathan Jones

Non-for-profit activities administrator–Jon provides administrative support in developing Case-UK Limited proposed non for profit / CIC service. Jon joined Case-UK Limited with Support from the WCVA inclusion programme and has become integral to the development of policies, procedures, and course content for future delivery

Emily Benbow 
Out of Hours
VRC (Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant)

Compliance Administrative Support–Emily is part of the Able_Futures compliance team and has responsibility for ensuring documentation for each customer is transferred safely to the prime contractor and DWP for approval. Emily is efficient within her work which has resulted in 100% of our plans have been accepted successfully.

Ashleigh Benbow 
Director for Marketing -  Administration
Sophie Benbow
Director for Research and Communications 
Lynsey Cadwallader 
VRC (Vocational Rehabilitation Cosultant) 

A graduate of Media and English studies through Cardiff Metropolitan University, Ashleigh has developed a good eye for detail and has worked with retail companies and is currently undertaking work with a high street retailer on visual / store appearances

Strategic Lead for Human Resources and Communications. As a qualified HR professional, Sophie provides Case-UK Limited with a robust HR and communications department with innovative approaches to identifying solutions to issues. Sophie has a well-balanced perspective on social impact and

a drive to ensure the environment in which Case-UK Limited grows is one where job creation means quality, outcome focused and well paid

Lead VRC for Employability–Lynsey is a former Mental Health Community Partner for Job Centre Plus. Lynsey provides Case-UK Limited with specialist knowledge in regards the benefits system and how to navigate through the employability sector to secure positive outcomes for our customers

Case-UK Limited

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