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Just In Case Podcast | July 2024

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Just In Case - Burnout with Frankie Brooks

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Welcome to Case-UK's podcast, 'Just In Case'.

Every month we discuss mental health and wellbeing topics, inviting guests to share their life stories and offer any advice they may have picked up along the way.

When we're not podcasting, we deliver mental health and physical support to thousands of people across the UK. There have been ups and of course downs, but we would love it if you came along with us on this wellbeing journey.

In this episode, host Chrissie Evans has a deep and open conversation with Francis Brooks about burnout. Francis is a Spinal Surgeon for the NHS and an Assistant Clinical Director for the South Wales Spinal Network.

Francis discusses how he deals with the stresses and responsibilities that come with his line of work as a surgeon, from the work-life balance to the inhuman level of perfection that is expected every time he's on the job.

In this highly stressful environment, failure isn't an option yet, it can and will happen. Francis touches on dealing with failure and how you can learn more from failure than success given the right work culture, mindset and support.


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