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Just In Case Podcast | June 2024

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Just In CASE Podcast | John Williams & Byron Hayward | Pursuit of Happiness

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Welcome to Case-UK's podcast, 'Just In Case'.

Every month we discuss mental health and wellbeing topics, inviting guests to share their life stories and offer any advice they may have picked up along the way.

When we're not podcasting, we deliver mental health and physical support to thousands of people across the UK. There have been ups and of course downs, but we would love it if you came along with us on this wellbeing journey.

In this episode, host Chrissie Evans sits down with John Williams and Byron Hayward, Case UK’s Chief Operating Officer and Business Wellbeing Consultant respectively.

Both John and Byron have spent large parts of their careers in professional rugby, including representing Wales at international level in Byron’s case. It is a pressurised environment that demands excellence. But do those demands for physical, sporting and competitive excellence come at a price to individuals’ wellbeing?

They discuss happiness: what is it, how it can be found, and how outside pressures can militate against it. They also share some of their ‘tactics’ – not for outwitting a blitz defence or defending a driving maul – but for finding contentment and happiness and holding on to it.

They also discuss how those in leadership, as they themselves have been, can create environments that can create happiness without compromising professionalism. But this isn’t straightforward, particularly because those leaders might themselves be products of past environments that were less sympathetic to wellbeing. How much of that has rubbed off on them?


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