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The Mind Manual

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The way mental health impacts our daily lives is different for everyone. There has been a significant increase in the amount of people trying to seek mental health services but there is not enough professionals to meet the growing demand.

Dr Alex George is a Welsh physician who serves as the UK Youth Mental Health Ambassador with in the Department for Education. He works for the NHS as an A&E doctor, provided the nation accessible advice throughout the pandemic, and has since moved into the pubic health space to focus my efforts on mental fitness. His mission is to equip everyone with the tools needed to live a full, productive and meaningful life. Alex is on a mission to improve mental health support for young people, and has become prolific throughout the UK in his campaigning for Early Support Hubs as well as his recent work alongside the Royal Foundation with the Prince and Princess of Wales.

Cardiff University Guest Lecture

On the 8th of May 2024 Dr Alex George visited the Centre for Student Life and gave Cardiff University’s inaugural Cardiff Conversations lecture, which shone a spotlight on the mental health challenges that young people face.

Mental Health Fitness- Pages 45-48

Dr Alex George wrote a book called The Mind Manual- Mental Fitness Tools for Everyone. In the book he talks about the seven universal truths which are:

  1. Connection is your superpower

  2. Sleep will save you

  3. Boundaries are beautiful

  4. Mistakes are a must-have

  5. Stress is the enemy

  6. You are enough

  7. Happiness is an inside job

He writes about the loneliness epidemic and explains how we become so lonely he states that:

  1. Something happens that makes a person feel isolated from their peers or community

  2. This leads to them feeling down about themselves and/or their life

  3. Feeling bad makes them withdraw even more, increasing their feelings of isolation

  4. Further withdrawal and negative thoughts lead to despair

  5. This can lead to depression and make the person hard to reach both physically and emotionally

Written by, Grace d'Souza


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