Organisational Development

Organisational Development is about focusing and developing the organisation and its people to meet strategic and operational aims and facilitating change that enables you to maintain or improve your performance.


Your business needs to be able to respond to change and to lead business transformation so that you can succeed at what you do best. We know that the achievement of business transformation goals is brought about by people. It’s people who are key building blocks in any organisation but do all the building blocks slot together? and are all your people working on the right things and in the right way to deliver great business performance? 

We place people at the heart of the process, and fully understand that the realities of day to day work and ‘business as usual’ need to be considered.


So what are we trying to fix?

To achieve high performance and competitive advantage, organisations continually need to learn and change the way things are done. We believe that to sustain change in working practices, cultures and organisational effectiveness a combination of ‘top down’ and ‘bottom up’ approaches is the root to realising the highest possible return on your investment and is the most likely way to increase performance and achieve long-term business transformation. 


Our approach to Organisational Development has been developed over decades. It is tried and tested and delivers real, measurable benefits and results using a comprehensive programme that covers the following:

An engaged board is a forward-thinking board that strives to have a collaborative partnership with the CEO/executive director, which means partnering for fundraising, as well as policy-making. Engaged boards work between board meetings, and attend meetings well prepared.

Board Engagement

Creating the right cultural conditions that align people with business strategy. Organisations don't change, people do. Our guiding principles in delivering large-scale behavioural change focus on people: The way they behave and the way they influence each other.

Cultural Conditions

Research shows that resolving conflict builds a stronger and more unified workforce with more rewarding relationships that help to produce successful outcomes. The goal here is for businesses and organisations to demonstrate that they achieve their aims to resolve a conflict objectively.

Conflict Management

Changes to structure, culture, strategy and individual processes can seem like a complex task and may even seem unachievable for many but with our help we can demonstrate that applying behavioural science to your approach can drastically promote a cultural transformation.

Implementing Change

Involvement at all levels of the organisation to create a shared understanding of it's challenge, equipping everyone with new skills, knowledge and materials to support them in achieving a better and more efficient way to work.

Organisational Involvement

Positive promotion of high, performance, customer focus, and continuous improvement is a way of setting the standards of your workforce, it also demonstrates that you recognise their efforts and in doing so will increase staff morale and motivation.

Positive Acknowledgement

You cannot expect change if it is not communicated effectively, it is important that you control who delivers those communications and when. You must first have a solid written plan of the change you wish to introduce and expect challenges along the way.

Communication of Change

Your work in finding improvement is never done, putting the right mechanisms in place to create momentum beyond our initial support programme will ensure you have all the knowledge and insight needed for a happy workforce, and as a result, happy customers too.

Ongoing Development

A better business, a better you.

Creating an organisation that is focused, adaptive, flexible and evolving, with your people at the heart of it will give you a workforce that is creative, productive and innovative. This will positively affect your important performance measures and will definitely help to make your business, better. 


The clients that we have helped develop their organisations have reported measurable increases to performance by improved productivity and creativity, operating cost reduction, minimised staff turnover and a culture of openness and adaptive to ongoing change.

“Case-UK was commissioned to undertake a review of our charity at a time of substantial change. The staff facilitated the review with a professional and challenging approach whilst maintaining a positive atmosphere both in the workplace and review meetings. Their approach was robust and stood up to intense scrutiny from both staff and trustees. Excellent work” 


 Dave Gilbert – WAA Chairman 

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