Mental Health

Across the Case-uk and Associates services, we have experienced and qualified mentors who can support both the company and individuals in maintaining good wellbeing across the workforce.

Working with Case-uk Limited and Associates in Managing Mental Health in the Workplace will help you identify early signs, give you practical ways to prevent work-related illnesses and provide effective ways to preserve your employees' wellbeing and tackle the stigma that still exists.

Case-uk have secured a £1 million contract from the DWP to support people in work Across Wales who are suffering with poor mental health or stress. 

This project is completely free for the participant 

What will a participant experience? 

The participant will have an initial assessment in which a Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant will create a 9 month plan complete with personalised objectives aimed to aid in alleviating stress and aiding in mental health in order to allow the participant to stay in work. 

Once the plan is completed, there will be monthly contact sessions either by telephone or face to face as well as being able to contact the VRC at any time via their mobile. 

This will continue as the participant works towards the goals they have agreed for 9 months, at the end of which, a final review will be completed in order to compare the final results with the initial assessment and see the distance travelled. 

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The content of this online support resource, is aimed at enabling individuals to access information to improve/ maintain good health well-being.  The content is generated from a range of sources identified by Case-uk as excellent quality and relevant to supporting the needs of individuals suffering from a Mental Health illness.  If you click on a link in this resource you may be entering a third party website not maintained or controlled in any way by us or our associates.  

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