Procurement Support

We offer a comprehensive procurement support plan for businesses who are looking to acquire goods, services or works form an external source. Together we can help your business with tender writing, bidding processes and supply chain management.

Drawing on Case-UKs workforce procurement knowledge and our experience of compiling and evaluating tenders, Case-UK have established a successful track record in helping clients to win contracts and to increase their understanding of the tendering process, therefore enabling them to achieve continued business success and growth.

A friendly and competent service, at whatever level required, in the following tendering and procurement related activities:

  • The completion and submission of tenders, PQQs (Pre-Qualification Questionnaires), RFQs (Request for Quotations) and RFPs (Request for Proposals) 

  • Tender proof reading and feedback 

  • Tender/bid writing 

  • Guidance on what buyers are looking for in a tender and how tenders will be evaluated. 

  • ‘How to Tender’ training – the dos and don’ts of tendering. 

  • Assistance with e-Tendering. 

  • Tender preparation – guidance on the policies and procedures you might be expected to have in place if tendering to the Public Sector, or sub-contracting to a tier one Public Sector supplier .

  • Guidance on finding tenders and how to improve your chances of being included in Request for Quotation (RFQ) exercises. 

  • Guidance on supply chain management – sourcing, appointing and managing your own suppliers. 

  • Procurement assistance for buyers – compliant tendering. 

  • Event organisation – Meet the Buyer etc.  

  • Delivery of How to Tender Workshops and Tender Specific Workshops.


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